Pre-arrival logistics

Two weeks after notification of acceptance, I received an email for housing requests. Thankfully, the program is scheduled in a way so that students would be put in contact with advisors regarding potential projects and dates of arrival/departure prior to this. SSFers are typically housed in the Oyster Pond complex, in Quissett Campus. Although the housing office opens from 8-5 on the weekdays, the security office (where you check-in and get your keys) is open 24/7 so we can arrive anytime. I will be there from Saturday, June 1st to August 24th.

The beautiful Oyster Pond complex. Photo from WHOI website

Now it’s time to book flights – always the most exciting pre-departure part for me. For international students, Boston is easy to fly to. After arrival, the Peter Pan bus company runs bi-hourly from Boston Logan Airport to Woods Hole (return price is about $52). This is how I visited Woods Hole last summer and the bus is generally reliably on time.

It may also be a good time to figure out if it may be possible to buy a bike on Craigslist, since public transportation is deemed as inconvenient and Woods Hole is lovely to bike around. Also, the Oyster Pond complex is apparently almost an hour’s walk away from the WHOI village campus. However, Craigslist primarily contains listings in proximity to but not actually in Woods Hole (which may mean an inconvenient pickup/delivery). Maybe it is a better idea to have one shipped instead? Alternatively, the International Committee has a few bikes for that you could loan for a deposit, which I’m hoping that I could get because that would be much more convenient.


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