Shining Sea Bikeway (Oyster Pond to Woods Hole)

I picked up my bike this week from the International Office’s bike loan program, which allows international students to borrow a bike for $15 (plus $15 refundable deposit). Andrew Beets was kind enough to meet me outside the pickup hours, which was very convenient because the past few days have been perfect bike weather. This bike is actually pretty impressive, offering a much more effortless ride than the cruiser I have in Toronto. Either they keep their bikes in really good condition, my bike at home is a deadweight, or its chain desperately needs replacing. Probably a combination of the three.

2013-06-04 11.58.46The Shining Sea Bikeway runs along Woods Hole, north nearby the Oyster Pond residences, then finally north into west Falmouth. Oyster Pond is only about 10 minutes (2 miles) away from Woods Hole by bike on the Shining Sea Bikeway, and the views are very impressive.

2013-06-04 17.36.31

2013-06-02 13.26.08

2013-06-04 17.42.05


Everything seems to be white and blue, including the fire hydrants!

I think despite the lack of a big city feel (which isn’t that big of a deal since I am inside the lab most of the day anyways), I am starting to fall in love with this place. How could one not after seeing this beautiful shade of blue, even on cloudy days?


Sunset over Oyster Pond

Sunset over Oyster Pond


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