Summer Solstice Sunrise

The summer solstice in Falmouth began with the Falmouth Arts Festival, which featured upbeat, jazzy artists performing in a tented dance space in the Falmouth public library square. Granted, we seemed slightly out of place in comparison to the endearing middle-aged couples that filled the crowd, but the evening high-spirited and the music was fantastic.

2013-06-21 20.29.06Since this is my first time living on the coast (except for a few of my earlier childhood years), I was keen on watching a sunrise over the ocean. Oyster Pond is only a few minutes away from an east-facing beach and I managed to convince a few other brave souls to stay out by the beach most of the night in high hopes of a magnificent sunrise. This is what we got:

Clear skies everywhere, except for where the sun comes out

Clear skies everywhere, oh, except for the part where the sun comes out

Not only was it blocked by clouds, but the sunrise was a bit far too north to be over the oceans at this time, when the solstice leads to a northeast azimuth. It may only be possible to view an ocean sunrise later in the summer, when the azimuth moves south towards a more eastern angle. Disappointing, but beautiful nevertheless…the perfect sunrise still eludes us!


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