MBL open house

The MBL (Marine Biological Laboratory) celebrates its 125th anniversary today. The MBL is another marine sciences institution situated in Woods Hole and everyone in the village was invited to join the festivities.

2013-07-17 17.00.45 2013-07-17 17.00.53 2013-07-17 17.01.03 2013-07-17 17.04.18 In addition to the festivities, Dr. Osamu Shimomura, Nobel Prize Laureate and discoverer of green fluorescent protein, gave a talk on his scientific career. He was incredibly humble and said that he wanted to study bioluminescent jellyfish simply because it was “cool”, and I couldn’t agree more. They’re awesome (and ctenophores are so fun to poke around because they bioluminesce more when disturbed – an hypothesized antipredatory response).

2013-07-17 16.35.01


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